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Trinity Archetype is a roguelite, turn-based RPG where you fight deadly enemies trying to take over your broken world. Analyze upcoming actions and plan your own; Use the unique Skill Boost and Party Inspire mechanics to get the upper hand in battle.


Long ago, there was harmony between all living things and Archetypes, beings of unspeakable power that shaped the world. That is, until the Archetype of Chaos planted the seeds of corruption among them. Almost a century later and with the world at the brink of destruction, the Archetypes of Might, Protection and Will sacrificed themselves to banish the fallen ones to another dimension, leaving behind their blessings and essence in case Chaos ever came back. As the three warriors blessed by the divine Archetypes, it is your duty to keep the fallen ones from spreading their corruption back into your broken world.


  • Party Based Combat: Control three unique characters and spend Action Points to use skills and defeat the enemy party.
  • Unique "Inspire" Mechanic: Once per turn, a party member can inspire their allies in order to activate new interesting effects that can give you the upper-hand.
  • Boost it up!: Power-up your skills during battle by spending Boost Points! Each skill has extra effects depending on your boost level.
  • Transparent Battle Flow: Every aspect of the combat and enemy actions is on full display so you can focus on planning the best strategies to approach your turn; nothing is left to fate!
  • Highly Customizable Character Builds: Level up your characters to unlock new skills, these skills can be enhanced further by equipping runes with different effects found throughout the game. Equipped runes can also apply different effects depending on your boost level, there are millions of possibilities to try!


Trinity Archetype - Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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About Machinator Corp

Our studio was founded in 2021 in Panama City, Panama. Although it was founded in that year, we already had the vision and the idea of what we wanted to do for a long time ago, which is to create innovative games with engaging gameplay and mechanics. We have always been passionate about the world of indie games, and we love to bring all scenarios to reality and see how they come to life on their own.

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