As the three warriors blessed by the divine Archetypes, it is your duty to keep the ancient beings vanished to another dimension from spreading their corruption into your broken world.

Battle out the corruption and evolve beyond your limits in this roguelite turn-based RPG.

Are you up for the challenge?


Rewarding Combat In-game attack action icon

Control three different characters and spend Action Points to use skills in order to defeat the enemy party.

Every aspect of the combat and enemy actions is on full display so the player can focus on their strategy and skills to approach the current turn; nothing is left to fate!

Unique Inspire MechanicIn-game battle Inspire icon

At the beginning of the battle and once per turn afterwards, a character can InspireIn-game battle Inspire icontheir allies; in doing so, new gameplay mechanics and powerful effects enter the battle until another character is chosen to Inspire.

Effects will vary per character and will also change the flow of the battle to either a more aggressive, defensive, or supportive approach; knowing when to Inspire is key to asserting victory!

Game-changing Boosting Mechanic In-game boosting mechanic icon

Use Boost Points In-game boosting mechanic iconto power up your skills twice and add new effects or improve effectiveness. Every character has their own Boost Points to use; managing this resource in battle can give you the upper hand or save you in a pinch.

Inspire can also be boosted! Expanding your options even more in every turn.

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